How I Lost 50 Pounds in 5 Months

I’ve lost about 50 pounds in the past six months, plus another 10 pounds before that. Most if it has been due to healthy eating, water fasting, and 5:2 calorie restriction. I’m writing this post to share a little more information about how I did it.

I’m not giving advice on how to do it, but am only sharing my own personal experiments. Please consult with your doctor or health provider before following random diets on random blogs, like this one. 🙂 Continue reading

High Nutrient Soup Recipe: Greens, Squash, Lentils, Parsnips

The finished soup

The finished soup

Here is my latest cooking experiment. It’s a tasty, nutrient-packed, vegan soup made from boiled greens, red lentils, squash, sweet potato, and parsnips.

I tend to improvise while cooking, only having a general idea of the finished product until ingredients are cooking. This dish started with an idea to boil greens into a soup. I began with some collards and Russian kale, boiling them with chopped onions, garlic, celery, and ginger in a mix of mushroom stock and water for about 45 minutes.

As it cooked, I realized that it was too watery, so I put some red lentils in a pressure cooker to quickly cook them (3:1, water/lentils, 17 minutes). I added the cooked lentils to the boiling greens. Continue reading