High Nutrient Soup Recipe: Greens, Squash, Lentils, Parsnips

The finished soup

The finished soup

Here is my latest cooking experiment. It’s a tasty, nutrient-packed, vegan soup made from boiled greens, red lentils, squash, sweet potato, and parsnips.

I tend to improvise while cooking, only having a general idea of the finished product until ingredients are cooking. This dish started with an idea to boil greens into a soup. I began with some collards and Russian kale, boiling them with chopped onions, garlic, celery, and ginger in a mix of mushroom stock and water for about 45 minutes.

As it cooked, I realized that it was too watery, so I put some red lentils in a pressure cooker to quickly cook them (3:1, water/lentils, 17 minutes). I added the cooked lentils to the boiling greens.

I also fried some spices in a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil and added them to the pot.

Meanwhile, I steamed a butternut squash and a sweet potato. Those got mashed up and added to the soup, as shown below.


Adding mashed squash to the soup

At this point I realized that I had forgotten to add the parsnips that I wanted to cook. However, the soup was just about done already.

Soup, almost done

Almost done

I simmered the parsnips in a little water and turmeric on the side, until they were soft.


Simmering parsnips

Then they got added to the soup. Here is the finished product:

The finished soup

The finished soup

I also steamed some vegetables (each separately), which I will use to make salads and other dishes. The jar on the right has turmeric tea, which I make by simmering a chopped, thumb-sized piece of fresh turmeric for 10-20 minutes. I add a little black pepper at the end, and I drink it in small quantities, since the pepper increases the absorption of the turmeric by a huge amount.

Steamed vegetables

Steamed vegetables and turmeric tea


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