Facebook Study on Personality

Around 86,000 volunteers filled out a 100-question survey on Facebook using the MyPersonality app, a tool developed by Cambridge’s Psychometrics Center, and gave the app access to their likes. From there, the researchers determined which likes correlated most strongly to each of the personality traits collectively known in psychology as the “Big Five”: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism…

Predictors of high intelligence, for example, included liking thunderstorms, The Colbert Report, science, and curly fries.

Facebook Doesn’t Know You’re Faking It:


Why Pygmies Aren’t Scared By The ‘Psycho’ Theme

The emotional cues in songs, which Westerners pick up on, didn’t mean the same to the Pygmies: They didn’t hear the shrieking strings of the Psycho theme as stressful or the minor chords in Wagner’s Tristan as sad.